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Welcome to Fraud Audit Corporation

To contribute to our companies by implementing the principles of “Corporate management,” by improving competitiveness in global markets and to boost productivity, and by broadening the capacity for innovation and R&D.

To contribute to technological development, new investments and the improvement of the workforce to create sustainable growth and to increase employment capacity.

To create solution partnerships with the private sector and the civil society institutions in order to create policy and to establish continuity. To develop sustainable projects on the principle of resource efficiency to meet the needs of the business world.

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Our expert team provides solutions and support to companies in the fields of institutionalization, internal audit, implementing internal control systems, strategic...


We issue certificates with our courses, and we prepare special theoretical and practical courses that meet for your company personnel. We believe that education and...


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    • Fraud Audit
      Fraud Audit

      Taking possession of the property of a company or a person through illegal means, and mechanisms and deceit is called abuse, malfeasance or fraud. Companies in the USA lose about 6% of their income because of fraud. While there are no statistics on this matter for Turkey, an estimate is that the loss amounts 8-10%.

      Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the exact amount of losses because most fraudulent activity is never proven, and when proven, it is not reported. Yet, with the help of professional experts it is possible to prevent fraud before it happens. Our goal is to minimize fraud by implementing various preventative methods. We aim to prevent fraud by using every available analytic method. For example, practicing “Fraud Risk Measurement and Evaluation” is of paramount importance for most companies.

      With this service: The deterrents prepared by our experts offer a great number of advantages for your business. Identifying the possibility of fraud does not completely remove the risk of fraud, but it minimizes the chances.

    • Accounting Outsourcing
      Accounting Outsourcing

      Accounting Outsourcing Services comprise of outsourcing services that support all types of daily, monthly and yearly financial processes.

      • Legal Bookkeeping 

      • Financial Reporting

      • Account Settlements 

      • Commercial Receivables Management

      • Commercial Payables Management

      • Fixed Assets Management


      With this service: You get trusted services in accounting and finance in a highly competitive environment. You have more time to focus on productivity and growth while you save money with effective outsourcing.

    • Financial Structuring
      Financial Structuring

      • Management reporting and financial reporting 

      • Financial affairs and expenses control

      • Tax planning and risk management

      • Accounting and finance compliance and organization

      • Installing and/or developing information systems

      • Installing and/or developing internal audit systems

      • Legal compliance


      With this service: Your Company’s financial affairs are addressed in a way that complies with the New Turkish Commercial Code. Integration and auditing are achieved in internal systems.

    • Forensic Accounting Expertise
      Forensic Accounting Expertise

      Investigative forensic accounting is sophisticated work that combines many different areas of expertise. It is a combination of accounting, auditing, criminology, forensic information technology, law and behavioral sciences. Investigative accounting work and expert research for courts are the two varieties of investigative forensic accounting.

      With this service: Our experts diligently follow through your multi-layered forensic accounting work and help your judicial processes proceed smoothly.

    • Payroll and Social Security
      Payroll and Social Security

      Payroll and social security is one of the routine responsibilities of companies; but these are also labor-intensive and risky, making these responsibilities an ideal item to outsource. This way, you remain fully compliant with the fast-changing legislation, you minimize risks, lower costs, have full security in salary confidentiality and your company focuses more on its core business.

      With this service: You turn over the main low-added-value service, payrolls, to experts while you focus on growing your business.

    • Internal Control
      Internal Control

      Structuring internal controls helps protect company systems effectively through allowing access to only authorized individuals. The design, the documentation and the functionality of the controls are keys in giving assurances to the board and to the management. A qualified internal control mechanism offers many benefits. Of course, each company is different and has different needs. In this sense, the creation of the internal control mechanisms is a process that is unique to each company.


      With this service: Your Company’s costs are reduced, its operational efficiency is visibly increased, the trust placed in financial reporting is reinforced, and the company gets ahead in the competition.

    • Corporate Management
      Corporate Management

      Corporate management is the foundation of corporations. The principles of corporate management present the only way to run stable companies whose legal, regulatory and volunteer private sector work harms neither the company’s nor the public’s interest, companies that use their financial power and human resources in the most effective way, and companies that create economic benefits for its shareholders.

      Corporate management is especially important for Turkey. Because single individuals or families run many companies, internal control mechanisms and auditing are weak, and institutionalization is incomplete. When a company like this takes damage, it is already too late to do anything about it. Fraud is never subjected to professional investigation, and most fraud comes and goes unnoticed.


      With this service: Your Company is periodically audited on its compliance with corporate principles. You can use our wide range of consulting services to strengthen your company’s internal control mechanism.

    • Research on Professional Fraud
      Research on Professional Fraud

      The place, time, reasons, development stages, as well as the identities and roles of the fraudulent professionals, and the net losses are identified according to the principles of objectivity, confidentiality and independence. Experts and consultants are solicited for support whenever necessary.


      With this service: We will solve professional fraud-related problems on your behalf while you focus on your business. All of our work is based on the principle of confidentiality; this way, your company does not lose prestige.

    • Internal Audit Services
      Internal Audit Services

      Internal auditing is an independent and objective consulting practice that seeks to improve the company’s operation and to add value to them. Company risk management aims to evaluate and improve the control and governance processes. It is a mechanism that diagnoses and prevents internal non-compliance, error, fraud, inefficiency and risks. Our goal is to work to install this mechanism in a way that is most suitable for you.


      With this service: Your company receives outsourcing and co-sourcing support, the necessary internal control environment is created, improved and audited and the basic internal audit courses are taught.

    • Corporate and Income Tax Services
      Corporate and Income Tax Services

      • The preparation of annual corporate tax declarations, temporary tax declarations and brief monthly/quarterly declarations

      • Organizing and submitting e-declarations

      • The preparation of tax reports according to group reporting standards for consolidation

      • The provision of temporary personnel for the preparation of corporate income tax declarations and reports


      With this service: Your Corporate and Income Tax declarations are in good hands.

    • Organizational and Operational Improvement
      Organizational and Operational Improvement

      The creative ideas and the innovation that you need in order to grow your business and to give it a more efficient and more powerful structure are part of our organizational and operational services. We analyze the current situation, diagnose the problems, help set your targets and help prepare the plans leading to your targets as part of our Operational Evaluation and Process Structuring Services.


      With this service: You get clearer, more effective and quicker results from your operations. Your operational problems are quickly diagnosed and solved.

    • VAT and Other Indirect Taxes Services
      VAT and Other Indirect Taxes Services

      • The preparation of Value Added Tax and Stamp Tax Declarations

      • The control of accounting records and declarations for the relevant period

      • Organizing and submitting e-declarations

      • The preparation of tax reports according to group reporting standards for consolidation

      • The provision of temporary personnel for the preparation of VAT, stamp tax and other indirect taxes declarations and reports


      With this service: All legal processes pertaining to VAT and other indirect taxes are under control.

    • Starting Businesses
      Starting Businesses

      • Determining the best legal and financial structure for your business

      • Preparing the business plan, the cash flow projections, the budgets and the estimates to help your business go from a plan to a reality

      • Registering your company in the Commercial Register and the Tax Office

      • Determining tax planning

      • Determining and implementing the best accounting system according to your legal responsibilities

      • Handling other transactions regarding legal requirements


      With this service: You get more detailed information about your new business, determine the basic requirements for optimal productivity and learn to read financial statements.

    • Litigation Support Consulting
      Litigation Support Consulting

      Complete range of services in:

      • Fraud and related disputes

      • Payment order or tax disputes 

      • Company valuations

      • Problems related to legal disputes

      • Disputes between companies

      • Problems related to patents, intellectual and industrial rights, brands and licenses 

      • Bankruptcy litigation

      • Company merger and separation litigation

      • Asset research for divorce litigation.


      With this service: You receive professional support for every case based on your demands and needs, you achieve flow and superiority during legal proceedings by using the defense articulated by our expert consultants.

    • Risk Management
      Risk Management

      Our Risk Management experts help companies create strong corporate structures by enlightening them about the risks in today’s economy, when financial stabilization is difficult.


      • Cost/benefit analysis of risk management

      • Creating a risk management organization in the company

      • Setting the principles of risk management to comply with internal audit and strategic planning 

      • Activating decision-making mechanisms with risk-related information

      • Providing assurances during risk-related and regulatory audits

      • Organizing basic risk-management courses for companies


      With this service: You can feel our support even in the toughest financial circumstances. You receive comprehensive risk consulting services and gain risk management skills.

    • Expert Witness Services
      Expert Witness Services

      Forensic accountants serve as expert witnesses at the court during commercial litigation (Embezzlement, financial crimes, illicit accounting practices, trademark breaches and such). Not only do we find and interpret the evidence for you, we also interpret the expert opinion of the other party and define the standards for the field of expertise of the other party’s expert.

      With this service: You can get comprehensive expert witness services and gain the upper hand at court.

    • Corporate Reporting
      Corporate Reporting

      Our corporate reporting experts help create corporate reporting infrastructures in companies. This way, it becomes easy to communicate all important matters, developments and changes to the executive board, the supervisory board and the executives.


      With this service: You receive a corporate reporting infrastructure and you feel the convenience of immediately knowing about all developments and changes that are important to your company.

    • Corporate Financing Services
      Corporate Financing Services

      Mergers and Acquisitions Support Consulting – Financial Review -- Financial Due Diligence -- Buy Side–Financial Due Diligence – Sell Side --
 Operational Due Diligence – Mergers and Acquisitions Post Deal Services – Valuation Services


      With this service: It is easier to grow your company. Regardless of whether you buy companies or sell company stock, you get consulting services throughout the process, and you achieve success and flow in your transactions.

    • Tax Consulting Services
      Tax Consulting Services

      The tax and finance laws are always changing. In order to obliterate the troubles your company may run into in the future, it is important to follow these changes and to come up with effective solutions to problems. We support our clients’ strategies by creating the best and the most effective solutions by following the developments with our local and global knowledge and experience.


      Tax Consulting

      • Indirect Taxes Consulting

      • Tax Planning

      • Foreign Trade and Investment Incentives

      • Taxes for Real Persons and Tax Planning for Foreign Personnel

      • Tax Services for Mergers and Acquisitions

      • Financial Law Consulting Services


      With this service: You receive special strategic support from our sector consultants in setting your targets, and get to know about risks and opportunities as soon as they emerge.

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